We offer our clients a range of services from local and international production management, creative lighting and stage design as well as execution of live broadcasted television sets. We aim to create a visual experience that heightens a performance and allures audiences. We’ve maintained clients since our inception and brought acts from hometown heroes to internationally renowned touring artists. Our full suite of services can breathe life into any production. We work meticulously with our clients to bring the slightest creative vision to a visual spectacle, a well oiled touring machine, or a telecast viewed by millions.

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Production Management

We offer production and tour management on local and international scales. Our attention to detail and years of experience give us the ingenuity to handle any situation and fit the solution on a domestic aircraft or in the back of a ute.


Stage and Lighting Design

Utilizing the most leading edge technology, we develop lighting displays and stage designs that tell a unique story and create an atmosphere to connect audiences to the artist’s realm. With decades of combined experience, our lighting designers can work to actualize any concept to reality.

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Live Broadcast

When broadcasting live to millions of people around the world, there is no margin for error. We have staged awards shows, exhibitions, and sporting events to captive audiences across the globe with precision technicality for a seamless execution.


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