Hayden James

2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020
Brayden Smith, Patrick Stevenson, Jack Lawrence

Colourblind has worked with Hayden since 2016. As creative directors, we’ve developed Hayden’s show from a DJ set into a fully-fledged live performance experience.

We were engaged to craft a unique visual identity for Hayden’s 2019 ‘Between Us’ tour cycle. Due to a wide range of venue sizes, from large festival and venue performances in Australia to intimate club shows throughout Europe and the United States, it was essential to ensure stage design concepts were practical, scalable, and adaptable. This was achieved by creating a three-dimensional structure consisting of simple squares spread across the stage, with a complementary lighting floor package. Different sized squares were subbed out to suit stage size and show budget, whilst maintaining programming and visual intent.

Creative Director
Tim Lovett – 2018

Video Content Creators
Tim Lovett – 2018
Sam Whiteside – 2020