Colourblind is qualified to meet your needs no matter how large or small. Ranging from local and international production management to tightly executed programming for live television broadcast, our services are entirely scalable and can be packaged for a world tour or a special one night performance.

If you need guidance or assistance in any aspect of the production industry that you do not see listed here, please call. With our collective knowledge and the combined years of experience you will find in our staff members, you can bet we will be able to help.

We realise that in order to make the magic happen, we are only as good as the people we partner with, and take the opportunity to shine the spotlight on our valued partners, as well as each and every person who represents us out there on the road, every day, at every gig.

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Broadcast Design

When broadcasting live to millions of people there is no margin for error. We’ve been closely involved in the production of awards shows, music television, light entertainment, and sporting events professionally and effectively for decades.

The scope of our involvement on a project can vary according to your needs, we can offer project management, lighting direction, video integration, and systems design, providing the expertise for precision and seamless execution.

Lighting Direction

Visual and musical arts are inextricably and indivisibly linked, and must always be working together in constant synthesis. The method in which light is used will contribute considerably to the emotional response an audience has.

At Colourblind we collaborate with design teams, production managers and rental partners to develop practical designs to suit the challenges ahead, as well as those that may emerge on-site.

Production Design

The perfect production begins with accurate details. Our personnel have access to cutting edge technology blended with the knowledge and experience to help you tell a unique story and connect with audiences, no matter how extreme your ideas.

We have excellent relationships with several innovative fabrication companies and specialise in partnering with these colleagues to create never before seen shapes and designs.

Creative Direction

The creative direction and production management process at Colourblind is a collaborative effort from beginning to end. We ensure this by listening to you, the customer, in order to identify your needs.

We apply our collective years of experience in the production world by offering advice in technical aspects of design that gives consideration to logistics, budgetary needs and creative vision. Chances are, if your creative needs exceed your budget, we can find a way to accommodate your ideas without compromising the end result.

Innovative Video Control

When it comes to technical design, our team of experienced individuals are highly skilled at turning the pictorial representation of a designer’s vision into a physical form.

As an endorsed representative of Green Hippo, we use our fleet of Hippotizer Media Servers to integrate any kind of video content into any kind of display. We are able to adapt our programming to suit road or air touring, while maintaining continuity and reliability.