Sydney Opera House
Studio Shows: Vivid 2019

Lighting Design
Jordan Munns

Vivid Sydney commissioned Sam Whiteside, a visual art designer behind the massively successful Soft Centre Festival, to design a site-specific lighting rig for a run of shows at The Studio, a key venue in this year’s annual festival.

To bring Sam’s design to life, he engaged Colourblind, to be the programmers and operators for the event.

A composition of fixtures was built around the entire room, to wrap around the audience. The aim of the design was to capitalise on every component in the room to exhibit an omni-directional lighting rig. Having such an encompassing lighting rig gave Colourblind freedom to program a show not limited to the confines of a standard stage and overhead truss.

The show was live over two weekends, allowing for the initial programmed effects to adapt and advance over the duration of the exhibition into a fully realised lighting performance.

The installation ran between May and June and saw acts, A Guy Called Gerald, Laurel Halo, John Talabot, and Moritz VO come through the room.